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154th West Virginia Day celebration in Princeton

154th west virginia day celebration princeton

Recently Princeton, WV held a West Virginia Day celebration in the historic district on Mercer Street. There was a petting zoo, free wagon rides, and a free trolley ride to several historical sites. You could also visit several museums in Mercer County for free. We didn’t have enough time to do everything but we were able to check out the animals, get a wagon ride, and visit the Railroad Museum and the Agricultural Museum.

The Petting Zoo

The petting zoo had a Vietnamese Pot-bellied pig, a llama, a cow, a pony, sheep, and goats. You could also get a free cup of food to feed them if you wanted.

Vietnamese pot-bellied pig


sheep at wv day celebration

goat at wv day celebration

cow at wv day celebration

Free Wagon Rides

We also went on a wagon ride which was a lot of fun. I’ve never had the chance to do anything like that before so I was pretty excited about it, but then again, I’m a big nerd.

horses pulling wagon west virginia

horses pulling wagon wv

West Virginia first became a state in 1861. People in WV had been celebrating June 20th informally for decades until the holiday was finally made official by our state legislature in 1927. The day is celebrated in several different locations throughout the state.

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