Free Eyeglasses and How to Get Them

free eyeglasses

If you wear glasses then you know how expensive they can be. Unfortunately, most insurance plans don’t cover vision and although you can usually find some decent eyeglasses for an okay price on sites like ZenniOptical, some people may not even be able to afford that. Fortunately, if you are really in a bind there is a site where you can get free eyeglasses and you don’t even have to pay for shipping.

Get Free Eyeglasses From Respectacle

Respectacle is a site that collects used eyeglasses and sends them to people that need them. You can order up to 3 pairs a year (although exceptions are made for eye care professionals that are ordering on behalf of their patients). All you need is your current prescription and then you can browse the glasses they have available in your prescription.

According to their site, green means there is a 90% match in your prescription and yellow is an 80%-90% match (which isn’t very good but if you have no choice it’s better than nothing at all). Red means there is only a 70%-80% match and should be avoided if at all possible. Of course, it’s always best to get eyeglasses from a professional but if you don’t have that option then free eyeglasses (even if they’re not a perfect match to your prescription) are better than nothing.

When you find a pair of glasses you like just click order and they’ll send them to you for free and you’ll get them in 7-10 business days. I recently ordered a pair of prescription sunglasses and they aren’t perfect but I can see pretty well with them so they’re okay for occasional use while I’m out in the sun.

If you have a pair of eyeglasses that you don’t need any more you can donate them to Respectacle by mailing them to them or you can recycle them at your local eye care center. They also accept financial donations.

Click here to check out Respectacle.

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