Peel Off Lipstick: Weird, But I Like It

peel off lipstick

I’ve always been one of those girls that loves the way lipstick looks but actually hates wearing it. It’s a pain in the butt because it usually feels weird on your lips, it tends to dry them out, and on top of that, you have to worry about it getting smudged throughout the day or doing that weird “bleeding” thing where it sort of half wears off throughout the day.

So I was intrigued when I heard about these peel off lipsticks. When you apply them, they work more like a weird, rubber-like paint. Then you let it dry for about 10 minutes or so and when you peel it off your lips are stained with the color of the lipstick. I watched a bunch of YouTube videos where women were trying this out and they all seemed to like it so I thought I’d give it a try.

Peel Off Lipstick

There are a few different brands but I’m pretty skeptical and I didn’t want to spend a ton of money so I decided to go with Romantic Bear. I decided to buy their “6 Colors Tattoo Magic Peel Off Lip Gloss” deal. (Even though they call it a lip gloss it’s nothing like a lip gloss. But then again, it’s nothing like a traditional lipstick either.)

tattoo magic peel off lipstick

I decided to try the darkest red shade they have which is called “Cherry Red”. Now I’ve done this a few different times before writing this post so let me tell you what I’ve learned so far.

Peel Off Lipstick Application

applying peel off lipstick

So this is what the applicator looks like. When you put this stuff on you better do it quick! It starts drying almost immediately. And it gets very sticky and tacky. There is no room for error so be careful. If you get too much on your lips you’re pretty much certain to get it on your teeth. That isn’t a huge deal because I’ve done that a few times and it wasn’t that hard to get off, but it’s a pain in the butt. If you get this stuff on the outside of your lips then it will stain there too and that is a lot harder to fix. And that’s another thing, this stuff will stain EVERYTHING so DO NOT get it on your clothes or any other fabrics. If you get it on your fingers it will wash off with some vigorous scrubbing.

Waiting For It To Dry

It takes about 10 minutes to dry. Apply it and leave it alone. Your lips will feel weird but try not to talk and don’t rub your lips together or anything. The color I used looks super dark (and wet) while it’s drying…

peel off lipstick drying

When it’s dry it peels off really easy. It feels kind of like rubber.

peeling peel off lipsticks

Peel Off Lipstick Results

red peel off lipstick

Tada! After all that effort here’s what you get. Nice stained red lips. Are they as red as I’d like them to be? No. But they are noticeably red, which is nice. And I really like how it doesn’t look like I’m wearing anything on my lips. No lipstick, no lip gloss, no lip balm. Nothing. And that is awesome.

The Other Colors

We need to know if the other colors work too, right? Now, of course, I’m not going to do all six colors. Especially since two of them are red, three of them are pink, and one of them is orange. But I will do one of the pink shades. This one is called “Lovely Peach”. If you ask me, it isn’t peach. It’s still pretty though.

peach peel off lipstick

And here is the color “Sweet Orange”. I feel like indoors it looks more orange and outdoors it looks browner. Maybe that’s just me but I figure that’s up for you guys to decide so here are pics of both.

sweet orange peel off lipstick

peel off lipstick in sweet orange

Overall I like these peel off lipsticks pretty well. They definitely aren’t for every day wear though (at least not for me) simply because they’re a hassle to apply. Personally, I feel like these would be great for a special occasion when you know a lot of photos will be taken.

Peel Off Lipstick Pros and Cons


  • These lipsticks can be really messy and difficult to apply.
  • If you aren’t careful with them they can stain just about anything.


  • They don’t have to be expensive. I bought this 6 pack on Amazon for less than $4. But you can go with a more expensive brand.
  • The color lasts about 4 hours. Of course, it would be nice if it lasted longer but that’s about how long some high-end lipsticks last so I think that’s pretty good.
  • It’s the most natural looking way to put color on your lips that I’ve come across yet.
  • These peel off lipsticks don’t leave any weird taste or residue.
  • This isn’t really a plus for me (but it’s not a con either) but a lot of people will get a kick out of these lipsticks just because of the novelty of them. A peel-off makeup product. It’s weird, it’s fun, and it’s different.

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