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I’ve written about the various sites I use to make money online (you can see that list here). One of the sites listed is I’ve made quite a bit of money with them but there are some tips and tricks I’ve learned to use in order to make the most of using the site.

What Is is a site that lets people sign up to do academic or marketing surveys. This site is quite a bit different than most of the survey sites out there because if they send you a survey you won’t get disqualified from it and they tell you up front how much money you’ll make from it. They also tell you how long a survey should take.

Another great thing about the site is that you only have to have £5.00 in order to cash out and get paid. As of right now they only pay to Paypal or Circle. There is a small fee to cash out but you can avoid it by waiting until you have at least £20.00 in your account. Tips and Tricks

Answer The Prescreening Questions

When you sign up you want to make sure you complete all the prescreening questions. But a lot of people don’t realize that new prescreening questions can pop up from time to time. It’s important to answer these questions so that researchers can send you the most appropriate surveys. For instance, if you don’t have children then sending you a survey about parenting would be a waste of time. But if they are looking for cat owners and you didn’t answer the new question about having pets, they won’t know to send you the survey.

You can find the prescreening questions in your account under the “dashboard” area.

Using The Distill Web Monitor

One issue with Prolific is that if you get a survey you don’t always know about it. In my experience sometimes you’ll get an e-mail but sometimes you won’t. And these surveys usually only allow a certain amount of people to take them. If you don’t find out about a survey in time, you’ll miss out.

The Distill Web Monitor is a browser extension that lets you set alerts for certain webpages to see when something has changed. You can change the settings in Distill to check a page as often as you’d like. I currently have it set to check my Prolific study page every 3 minutes. As soon as I get a new study it alerts me with a bell sound so I don’t miss out on the survey.

If you’re interested in signing up you can click here to use my referral link or you can go directly to

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