Popin Cookin Donut Kit And Hilarious Google Translation

Popin Cooking Donut Kit Google Translate Fail

So we all know that Google Translate is pretty hit or miss. Sometimes it gets it right. Usually, it gets it wrong. And every now and then it gets it hilariously wrong. The resulting translations can be pretty funny. 🙂

Popin Cookin Candy Kit

I ordered this Popin Cookin kit from Japan on Amazon. It only cost about $2 and basically, it’s a candy making kit. The candy you make looks like various foods. The kit I bought makes little donuts. I’ve also seen pizza and burgers.

Anyway, I knew the instructions would be in Japanese but I assumed with all the pictures on the package that a lot of it would be self-explanatory.

When it arrived I thought it would be funny to use my friend’s Google Translate app that lets you take a picture of something and have it translated in real time. I knew the translation would be bad but I had no idea it would be THIS off.

Funny Japanese To English Translation

This is what it said, word for word, weird symbol for weird symbol. I’ve changed absolutely nothing.

  • Measure clean hands f13!
  • Let’s fill the water in the cup with the contents of the inside!
  • Take your mother’s mouth 1t1
  • Take out the body partly. Expand the muzzle cleanly, like a .thi, “Like a donut seat, enjoy making tray with scissors with miso sweets.
  • Degrees of control are also included in er donut sheet “since it reads how to make degrees, so read!
  • 3 Y Baniraso.
  • Let’s make fabric! Place the water in the tray “A” roundly, in the concave tray “V”. There “Custer water puts an internal disaster.
  • Put the origin of the sexual site “into it. Put in the chestnuts and push them with a mixed spoon often and put together a donut.
  • Then, tray “★” with a hand to “round”
  • A1. We will divide this into two and donut sheets and mix well [oikike will chocolate pen Next, I will keep cocoa sacred place.
  • Tray “to tray” S “circle. <Put in and put in. I will put water in there.
  • I’m going to put a coco in it and put it in well and mix well with a mix well.
  • On top of the squeeze bag 1: COSSEUS “Enter 2]
  • Let’s make a donut! : Twist on the top, Fo: Once you take it, “I got a trim donna * cut the tray donna * cut it down and pressed it down 6 decorate the shape of the donut
  • I was able to take out the donut a little by pushing the back of the tray a little Donna:
  • Vanilla sauce, It is arranged in “donut seat”: Topping crunch pushing slightly push
  • 1: Mix is also 861 with neat. * When you make custard fabric and cocoa fabric it will become a mix fabric! When it is difficult to remove, use a spoon (bales) (back) and take out U.

I think my favorite part is “When you make custard fabric and cocoa fabric it will become a mix fabric!”

Anyway, if you’re looking for actual decent English instructions for the Popin Cooking donut kit you can find them here.

There is also a pretty good video tutorial I found on YouTube.

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