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Fort Chiswell Animal Park, Wytheville, Virginia

Fort Chiswell Animal Safari Park in Wytheville, Virginia

My friends and I recently went to Fort Chiswell Animal Park in Wytheville, Virginia. It was a lot of fun and you can see animals from 6 different continents. There is a petting zoo where you can interact with the smaller animals. And every hour they take people on a bus to see the larger animals that roam around in the 45-acre park. You can also buy a bag of food to feed them. The bigger animals might steal the food cup from you, though. But that’s okay. That happens all the time apparently, haha.

Pictures from Fort Chiswell Animal Park

They had a lot of adorable alpacas and llamas. I tend to get them mixed up but I’m pretty sure this is an alpaca.






Here is a scimitar-horned oryx and a horse in the background. The scimitar-horned oryx is extinct in the wild.

 Scimitar-horned oryx


 Scimitar-horned oryx



A picture of the park. It’s really pretty.

Fort Chiswell Animal Park in Wytheville, Virginia

Water buffalo hanging out in a pond. I think these guys are my favorite.

water buffalo in a pond of water

A really sweet goat. He got lots of love. 🙂

goat at Fort Chiswell Animal Park



I think these are called African Crested Cranes. The birds are the only animals at Fort Chiswell Animal Park that you can’t feed. They will bite.

African crested crane bird

I love cockatoos. I tried to get this guy to vocalize a little more but he was pretty quiet.



deer at Fort Chiswell Animal Park

My friend Adrian took this photo of a parrot. It’s one of my favorites. 🙂

close up of parrot

He also took this photo of an umbrella cockatoo.

umbrella cockatoo



Tried and tried to get a good picture of this buffalo but he just wouldn’t turn around.

buffalo at Fort Chiswell Animal Park

Zebra again.

zebra at Fort Chiswell Animal Park

Ostriches. These are the weirdest animals. They crack me up. 🙂


Vietnamese Pot-bellied pig.

Vietnamese Pot-bellied

An up close picture of an ostrich.

up close picture of ostrich

A camel. I was actually surprised by how big these guys are. I knew they were big (I mean, people ride them) but I guess it didn’t really sink in until I was with one in person.


I know I have a lot of ostrich photos. But I love this one. He looks a bit confused, haha.

confused ostrich

camel and oryx

Baby pigs.

baby Vietnamese Pot-bellied pigs

Some turtles hanging out on a log. Our tour guide said these are the only animals that weren’t actually put there by them. They just showed up. I think that’s pretty awesome.

turtles on a log in water

turtles on a log

The water buffalo hanging out in the water.

water buffalo hanging out in water


water buffalo in water

Some kind of ducks. I’m not sure what they are though.


Another good shot of the umbrella cockatoo.

umbrella cockatoo

A wallaby getting a drink of water.

wallaby drinking water and looking depressed

Water Buffalo Video

Here’s a video of the water buffalo coming right up to the bus. In fact, most of the animals would do that and we had a lot of fun petting and feeding them.

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