Gold Temporary Tattoos From Sephora

temporary gold tattoos from sephora

A while back I got some gold temporary tattoos from Sephora but I’m just now getting around to using them. You get a set of gold tattoos in 17 different designs.

gold temporary tattoos

Personally, I don’t care for a lot of the designs. They seem kind of boring and they lack personality. But I don’t hate them either. I decided to try putting one on my hand. I figured that would be a good way to test how long they last because you use your hands more than anything.

How To Apply Gold Temporary Tattoos

Putting them on is easy enough. If you’ve ever used regular temporary tattoos it’s the same thing. You cut out the one you want to use, stick it on your skin, wet a cloth, and dampen the whole thing. After it’s completely wet wait about a minute. Then slowly peel the paper off and you’re done.

Removing The Tattoos

Removing these tattoos is pretty easy too. Just cover the gold tattoo with baby oil or rubbing alcohol for about 20 seconds. Then scrub it off.

Here’s what it looks like on my hand. It’s very shiny and I love that. But as you can see, when I open my hand and stretch it out it wrinkles up. So I would recommend applying a gold tattoo on a part of your body that isn’t so flexible. I’ve seen some people putting these tattoos on their shoulder. That’s probably a good area.

gold temporary tattoo video

When I first applied it I couldn’t get used to the feeling of something being on my hand. But after several minutes I completely forgot about it.

How Long Do Gold Tattoos Last?

It depends on how rough you are with them. If the tattoo is on a part of your body (like in my case, my hand) that’s going to be touching things frequently, then it doesn’t last long. Really sweaty or oily skin can affect how long temporary gold tattoos last as well. This one started flaking and fading by the next day. But some people have gotten them to last a lot longer.

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