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How To Tell If Your Doctor Is An Idiot

How to tell if your doctor is an idiot.

This is not really a how-to article. This is the story of my worst medical experience ever. Fortunately, nothing truly horrific happened. But that’s mostly because once I got out of there I swore to never go back.

How To Tell If Your Doctor Is An Idiot

Let’s go back to the beginning. Gallstones. I had them. I was diagnosed with them because I kept having gallbladder attacks. But I didn’t have insurance so I couldn’t have surgery. Finally a few years later I got insurance and was able to have it done.

I went to my family doctor and they did an ultrasound to confirm what I had already been told years ago by the ER. And then they gave me a referral to a specialist.

Most Horrible Doctor Ever

I went to my consultation appointment and the waiting room was so full that about half of his patients were standing up because there were no seats left. And after waiting several hours they finally called my name.

They put me in a room that was for another patient but they noticed the mistake quickly. So they had me and the other person switch rooms. I’m a pretty understanding person. They made a mistake. It happens but they caught it quickly so no big deal.

At this point I’m in another exam room and then suddenly the receptionist comes and gets me and she’s like “Come with me!” and the next thing I know we are running (yes, literally running) through a bunch of hallways. Then she suddenly stops and turns to me and says “You have a cell phone, right?”. I told her I did and before I could ask why it mattered we were running again. We finally arrived in a part of the building where there was no one at all and she puts me in an exam room.

Attempting To Do Their Job

She tells me that they don’t have my records from my family doctor and that I have to call them and tell them to fax them over. Then she just leaves. So I’m sitting in my exam room by myself and wondering how I’m supposed to accomplish this when I don’t have my family doctor’s number and I wasn’t given the fax number for this doctor either. You know how they put your chart next to the door of your room? Well, I grabbed that and went through it and found a paper that had my family doctor’s number.

I called them and tried to explain what was going on but they seemed pretty confused. I assume that’s because it’s not normally a patient calling to have paperwork faxed to another doctor. Every doctor I’ve ever been to has their staff do stuff like that.

Then a medical student came in. So I got off the phone and told him what was going on. He seemed like he couldn’t believe what was going on either, especially since there was paperwork I needed to fill out BEFORE trying to get my doctor to fax the medical records. So he went off to find paperwork for me to fill out.

After about 2 more hours the medical student comes back with the stuff for me to sign and then gets a very detailed medical history from me. He did a really good job. At this point, I would have been fine with the medical student treating me instead of the actual doctor.

Finally Meeting The Doctor

I had been there for about 6 hours total at this point. Finally, the actual doctor comes in. I kid you not, he literally didn’t speak to me or even look at me. He didn’t acknowledge me in any way. He ONLY talked to the medical student and asked him about my symptoms. I understand it’s important to train your students but if you’re the person that’s supposed to be doing surgery on me you should at least say hello!

Then they both left and again I was sitting there waiting and about an hour later the student comes back and says that the other doctor’s office never did fax my records over. So I should go get them in person and come back tomorrow.

And That’s How I Knew My Doctor Was An Idiot

After dealing with this unbelievably ridiculous doctor and his staff I left and never went back. I went to my family doctor the next day and told him I needed a referral to a different doctor. So I ended up going to another doctor who turned out to be great. He did the surgery and I haven’t had any issues since.

I honestly think if the first doctor had done my surgery it would have been a disaster. I mean, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe he’s a brilliant surgeon. But if your staff is running around like chickens with their heads cut off and you are incredibly rude and treat me more like a piece of furniture than a person…well, I’ll take my chances with someone else.

So the point of the story is if a medical professional makes you uncomfortable you should see someone else.

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