Make Money With Smartphone Photos

Learn to make money with your smartphone photos

There are some apps you can use to sell your pictures as stock photos. If you have a smartphone and a knack for photography this could be a good way to make some extra money.

How To Make Money With Smartphone Photos


If you sell a photo on Foap you’ll get $5 per photo that’s sold. When you upload a photo you’ll have to provide ratings for other people’s pictures and in order to get a photo approved it has to have a certain number of approvals.


This app is only available for the iPhone. Twenty20 lets you make a gallery of your best photos and you’ll make 20% on each purchase. Unfortunately, the company gets to set the price though. But they charge based on the size of the photo and the minimum price is $10.


EyeEm is on both Android and iPhone. A lot of people enjoy using this app because of its photo filters. Photos are sold through a partnership with Getty Images.


This app lets photographers follow requests for photos and challenges from brands and small businesses that need authentic custom photos. Requests are only for approved photographers of “Shooter” level or higher. The challenges are available to everyone though and can be a lot of fun to do.


This app lets you upload pretty much anything in any category. The people that follow you can rate your images or pay for use of your photos. Sometimes companies will pay up to $50 for a photo.


Another way to make money with smartphone photos is with Stylinity. It works a little differently though. Instead of selling photos, you take a fashion-oriented selfie of yourself. Then search for your items of clothing online or scan the barcodes. The app then links your clothing to places where people can buy them. If someone purchases an item from your profile you’ll get points. You can redeem these points for cash and other prizes.

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