5 Psychology Hacks For Influencing People

psychology hacks for influencing people

Obviously, you can’t force anyone to do something against their will (and you shouldn’t try to anyway) but people are highly impressionable. There are several subtle things you can do to help influence someone’s behavior.

The Benjamin Franklin Effect

I actually mentioned this briefly in another article about whether or not you can make someone fall in love with you. Basically, the way it works is you get someone to do a favor for you. When you do a favor for someone you’ll end up liking them more in the long run. We like being around people that make us feel good about ourselves and if we do a favor for someone, that reinforces our own belief that we are good, decent people. And of course, we wouldn’t do a favor for someone that isn’t any good. So we convince ourselves that we would only do favors for people we actually like, which in turn makes us actually like those people.

Aiming High

This is a great psychology hack to get someone to do something for you. First, you ask for a really, really big favor. Make sure to ask for something you know they’ll probably say no to. Then come back after a short period of time and ask for something more reasonable (which is what you wanted in the first place). Most people feel bad about having to tell someone no. So then when you ask again the second time with a more reasonable request, they’ll be much more likely to agree to it.

Use Tiredness To Your Advantage

When we are tired we are much more susceptible to what someone else might say. This is because you don’t just become tired physically, your mental energy drops as well. If you ask someone a favor while they’re tired, they don’t have enough mental energy to really think about what you’re asking of them. they also don’t feel like mustering up the energy required to resist. So they might be too tired to do the favor when you ask, but if they say they’ll do it tomorrow they likely will. People usually try to follow through on promises they’ve made.


This psychological hack is useful for getting people to like you more. Mirroring (or mimicry) is something we do naturally anyway. When trying to connect with other people we have a tendency to copy their mannerisms, speech patterns, and behaviors. In research, people that have been mirrored by someone were much more likely to act in a favorable way towards the person that mimicked them. Researchers think that mirroring helps people feel more validated. They feel more confident and have greater self-esteem.

Paraphrase What They’ve Said

People want to feel like they’ve been understood. Studies show that when therapists use reflective listening, people disclosed more emotion and opened up more. The trick to this psychology hack is to reword what they’ve said and repeat it back to them. This lets people know that you’re actually paying attention to them and that you care about what they have to say. In turn, they’re more likely to pay attention to what you have to say as well. And they’ll be more susceptible to any requests.

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