Make Money Testing Websites

make money testing websites

There are tons of places that will let you make money testing websites. All you have to do is report back on any errors you encounter or any usability issues you have. Most of these tests take around 10-30 minutes to complete. Here is a list of some of the best website testing sites.


I’ve used UserTesting before and they’re one of the best sites around if you want to make money testing sites. You’ll make $10 for every test you do. You download their screen recorder which will have instructions on what to do when you’re on the site. For instance, they might ask “Where would you click if you wanted more information?” or “Where would you click to find a shirt in your size?”. You’ll also have to talk while doing this and explain what you are doing and why. So if you sign up for UserTesting you’ll need a quiet environment to do the tests. Each test takes around 10-20 minutes to complete.

My only complaint about UserTesting is that it’s difficult to qualify for most of their tests. You might have better luck if you are a different demographic than I am though.


This site is similar to UserTesting. Their tests last about 10-20 minutes and each pay $8.00.


I’ve also used this site but I’ve never made much money from it. But other people have reported doing pretty well with it. Every once in a while they’ll send me a “test” which is more like a small survey or poll. They usually show you two versions of a logo and ask which one you like better. For those kinds of tests, they only pay $0.10. But the minimum amount you need in your account to get paid is only $1.00.

Another site that has similar tests sometimes is mTurk. But mTurk doesn’t just have website testing jobs. They have surveys, transcription, and more. If you’re interested, I’ve written a guide here explaining how to use mTurk to make the most money.


You can get paid up to $50 for testing websites and digital products with this company. Depending on the test, you’ll either be completing these tests at home over Skype or in person with the client. Their tests are a little longer than most other companies. This site’s tests are between 30-90 minutes.

There are new sites that pay you to test websites popping up all the time. But these are the best ones that I know of. But most people won’t qualify for enough tests to make any regular money. So testing websites is just a way to make some extra pocket change for most of us.

But if you’re interested in more ways to make money check out my article about how I make $100-$200 a month online.

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