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3 People That Planned Their Own Murder

3 people that planned their own murders

Unfortunately, people commit suicide every day. But what’s truly unusual are people that plan their own death by getting someone else to murder them. Here is a list of 3 people that planned their own death by getting someone to murder them.

1. Sharon Lopatka

Sharon Lopatka was a 35-year-old woman from Hampstead, Maryland. She really loved the internet. She had her own website called “House of Dion” where she sold mail-order home decorating guides. And she also advertised two 900 numbers, one which was for psychic readings and the other which was for a classified ad writing service. Sharron also used Usenet newsgroups a lot.

Sharon Lopatka’s Disturbing Online Life

Most people in her offline life thought she seemed pretty normal. But they didn’t know that she didn’t just use the internet to post about psychic readings or home decor. She also spent a lot of time posting about sexual topics and advertising homemade porn VHS tapes. These ads ranged from slightly taboo (like a foot fetish video) to extremely disturbing (like an ad where she claimed real chloroform was used to knock out the women in the video). For $100 people could make custom orders. Between August and October of 1996, she posted over 50 ads for these films.

But these films were basically scams. People started warning others about how she would take orders but they would never receive any tapes.

Sharon Lopatka also used the internet to try to find people interested in helping her with her own masochistic desires. Eventually, in a group about necrophilia, she posted a disturbing message with the headline “Want to talk about torturing to death?” and this is how she met Robert Glass.

Sharon Meets Robert Glass

Robert Glass’s wife had recently left him and she took the children with her. Apparently, she left because he had become obsessed with spending time online.

On October 13, 1996, Sharon lied to her husband and said she was on her way to see some friends in Georgia. Instead, she drove to Baltimore’s Penn Station where she took a train to Charlotte, North Carolina. About 12 hours later she met Glass. They drove 80 miles back to his trailer in Caldwell County.

Her husband back home found a note saying “If my body is never retrieved, don’t worry. Know that I am at peace.” He called the police and they found hundreds of pages of e-mails on her computer. Over 6 weeks, Sharon had been planning to meet up with Robert Glass. She had asked him to torture her to death.

Sharon’s Death

Police searched Glass’s home and found items belonging to Sharon. They also found bondage items, porn magazines, and a .357 Magnum pistol. Dozens of yards away from his trailer, they found Sharon Lopatka’s body about 2 feet under the ground.

Sharon’s ankles and wrists were tied and she had a rope around her neck. Glass insisted her death had been an accident. He claimed he didn’t know how much he pulled the rope and he stated “I never wanted to kill her, but she ended up dead.

Robert Glass Sentenced For Manslaughter

Robert Glass waited in prison for 3 years because his trail was repeatedly deferred. In 2000 he pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and 6 counts of second-degree sexual exploitation of a minor. (This was unrelated to Sharon’s murder. Child pornography had been found on his computer.) Robert Glass was sentenced to 36 to 53 months for murder and 21 to 26 months for the possession of child pornography. He died of a heart attack in 2002. He would have been released from prison two weeks later.

2. Bernd Jürgen Armando Brandes

In 2001 a man named Armin Meiwes, from Germany, posted an ad on a site called “The Cannibal Cafe” (a site for people that have cannibalism fetishes). He stated “looking for well-built 18 to 30 year old to be slaughtered and consumed.” Amazingly a few people responded to the ad and met him but when they realized he was actually serious they backed out. And Meiwes let them leave. He never forced anyone to do anything they didn’t want to. But in March 2001 a man named Bernd Jürgen Armando Brandes answered the ad and he was completely serious too. He wanted to be murdered and eaten.

The Murder of Brandes

They filmed a video together in Meiwes’ home in Rotenburg. Brandes took several sleeping pills and alcohol in order to numb himself so that he wouldn’t feel a lot of pain. Then Meiwes amputated Brandes’ penis and the two of them tried to eat it but apparently, it was too “chewy”. Meiwes then ran a bath for Brandes before reading a Star Trek book. He checked in on Brandes every 15 minutes while waiting for him to become unconscious due to blood loss. Finally, he stabbed him in the throat and then cut his body into pieces and stored it in his freezer.

This was all captured on videotape and Brandes didn’t seem to struggle or object in any way to his own death.

Armin Meiwes’ Arrest

Armin Meiwes wasn’t arrested until December 2002. A college student contacted police after seeing new ads for willing victims along with details about the murder online. Police searched Meiwes’ home and found body parts and the videotape.

He was convicted of manslaughter on January 30, 2004, and sentenced to 8 years in prison. But then in April 2005, a German court ordered a retrial. Prosecutors believed he should have been convicted of murder. May 10, 2006, he was convicted of murder and sentenced to life.

Armin Meiwes has expressed regret for killing Brandes and has become a vegetarian while in prison.

3. John

John’s real name has never been released because he was a minor when he decided to have his friend Mark (another minor) murder him.

John’s Many Online Personas

This case took place in England. John was a 14-year-old boy who had started spending more and more time online. John convinced his friend Mark (who was 16) that he had to stab him to death in order to pass an initiation test for entrance into the British secret services. But Mark didn’t know he was talking to John. John had created several different online personalities online and used those to create a huge story about spies. Apparently, he was very convincing. He managed to make Mark believe in all of it.

Mark was fooled by John into thinking he was really working for the British secret service. He thought he was going to meet the prime minister and be given £500,000.

The Attempted Murder

The two boys had walked down an alleyway together where Mark stabbed John. Mark told police that someone had robbed them and stabbed his friend. But when police looked at the CCTV footage they realized that didn’t make any sense because they had walked down the alleyway together and disappeared, alone, for 25 minutes.

Meanwhile, John, who was in the hospital said he didn’t know why Mark had stabbed him. The attempted murder left John very close to death. One stab wound pierced his kidney and lacerated his liver. His gallbladder also had to be removed.

Police Discover The Truth

But then details emerged after police examined both of their computers. Mark thought he had been talking to several different people but they were all personalities created by John.

The most important character was a 42-year-old British secret agent named Janet. Janet told Mark that John was dying from a brain tumor. So it was okay for Mark to kill him in order to prove he was worthy of becoming a spy.

This is their final internet chat exchange.

“U want me 2 take him to trafford centre and kill him in the middle of trafford centre??”


John pleaded guilty at Manchester crown court to inciting murder and perverting the course of justice. He was given a 3-year supervision order. John was also banned from communicating with Mark or being online without adult supervision.

Mark was given a 2-year supervision order for attempted murder.

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