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Review of Textbroker: Is It A Good Way To Make Money?

textbroker review

I make a living as a freelance writer and I find most of my work through a combination of freelancing sites (like Upwork) and private clients. Several years ago I had a full-time job in the medical field as an EMT, but I also wanted to make some extra money on the side.

I signed up for Textbroker, a site where you can sign up and write articles whenever you want. And then I promptly forgot about it. Opps. So several years went by before I remembered the site and decided to give it another shot.

How To Sign Up For Textbroker

It’s been a long time since I signed up but it seems that the process is pretty much the same. You make an account and then submit a test article. The purpose of this test is so Textbroker can look at your writing and give you a rating between 2 and 5 stars. They don’t hire anyone that gets one star.

The amount of money you’ll make is based on your star rating.

  • At 2 stars you’ll get 0.7 per word (or a seventh of a cent).
  • 3 stars you’ll make one cent per word.
  • 4 stars you’ll get 1.4 cents per word.
  • And the highest rating, five stars, pays 5 cents per word.

After you sign up and get your initial rating, you can look through the list of assignments that are available to you. Clients choose what rating they want their writers to have. So if you are a 3-star writer, you won’t be able to write articles in the 4 or 5-star categories. But you can write below your level if you want but you’ll be paid based on that level’s star rating.

Is Writing For Textbroker Worth It?

I have mixed feelings about the site. Based on my own personal experience, you can find higher paying clients on freelancing sites or by applying for jobs listed on job boards. Many of the jobs you find that way are also much more interesting and fun. I think about 99% of the assignments I’ve seen on Textbroker are SEO keyword stuffing articles. Don’t get me wrong, these days almost anything you write for anyone will require some knowledge of SEO, but apparently many of Textbroker’s clients haven’t figured out the days of keyword stuffing is over.

What Kinds Of Writing Assignments Are On Textbroker?

Just off the top of my head, here are some examples of assignments you’ll find on Textbroker.

“Write a 500-word article about air conditioners in Los Angeles. Must include following keywords 4-5 times each: “Los Angeles air conditioners”, “LA air conditioners”, “air conditioners in LA.”

“Write a 700-word article about Dr. Bob and his career in Florida. Please use the following keywords at least 4 times each: “Dr. Tommy Joe Wilson Bob” and “Cardiologist in Florida.”

Needless to say, this type of writing is extremely boring and you can become burnt out on it very fast. It’s easy work but very low paying. But one good thing about Textbroker is that you only need $10 in your account to request payment and they pay once a week.

You can only claim one assignment at a time and if the client doesn’t like it they can request a revision. You can choose to revise it or let the assignment go back to the open assignments board. If you revise an article and the client still rejects it you won’t get paid. If you submit an assignment and the client doesn’t reject or accept it you’ll be paid automatically within 3 business days.

I think Textbroker is a good site to work on once in a while. Sometimes when my other freelance work is running a little low, I’ll pick up work there. It’s also not a bad site for anyone that wants to get their feet wet. If you don’t have any writing experience at all you can start making money there and build up your confidence and writing skills.

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