Review Of Sunsella Stainless Steel Water Bottle

I spend a lot of time outdoors hiking or just hanging out by a lake and getting some sun. It’s always a pain to keep drinks cold during the summer. You usually have to put it in a cooler with ice which is quite a bit of a hassle. And don’t even get me started on trying to keep a drink warm in cold weather. I struggled with that like crazy when I was working as a Salvation Army Bell Ringer last year.

So I thought I’d try out one of those stainless steel water bottles that can keep drinks cold or warm. I had some doubts about whether or not it would really work but then I came across the bottle from Sunsella and learned how it works.

How The Sunsella Stainless Steel Water Bottle Maintains Drink Temperature

It has a double walled design which gives extra protection against heat transfer. The exterior doesn’t sweat and it’s completely rust free. It’s also vacuum insulated and that’s how it keeps drinks hot or cold for 24 hours. It even has a leak-proof lid which is great for people like me that just like to throw things in a bag and go.

It comes in 3 different colors (pink, light blue, or silver) and it has a removable silicone ring handle with a carabiner so you can hook it to your bag or even your pants.

So far I love this bottle. It really does keep drinks cold or warm and it’s easy to use and easy to clean as well. If you need something like this that works well for people on the go I would definitely recommend this water bottle.

If you’d like to check it out, these bottles are available on Amazon.

(Disclaimer: I received this bottle in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

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