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My Day At The Lewisburg Chocolate Festival

My friends and I went to the Lewisburg Chocolate Festival. I’ve been to Lewisburg, WV before but that was only to visit the Lost World Caverns and I didn’t get to do anything else while I was there. So I was pretty excited to go to this festival. I wanted to try different types of chocolate food, of course, but I also wanted to check out some of the little shops in the downtown area.

Lewisburg Chocolate Festival

The town of Lewisburg has been doing this festival since 2006. The community comes together and several different businesses offer chocolate tastings. You have to purchase “tasting tickets” and this year they were about $1 each. We only bought 30 (so we each had 10) but there was so much to do and we didn’t get a chance to use all of them.

This year they also had some great musicians, a children’s magician, and some chef demonstrations. The demonstrations were really interesting and I learned a lot about making cake pops (those things are harder to make than you would think). They also had a mousse eating competition, the Chocolate Chase 10K Race, a bake-off, and lots of children’s activities.

The Lewisburg Chocolate Festival was given the Mountaineer Award by the WV Division of Tourism and named one of the Top 20 Events of Spring by the Southeast Tourism Society. And it’s definitely a fun event.

The only thing I missed out on was the mini Escape Room challenge. I’ve never done an escape room and I thought it would be fun to do the 10-minute mini challenge they had but unfortunately, by the time we got around to it, the company was getting ready to leave for the day. 🙁

About Lewisburg, WV

Lewisburg is probably one of the best small towns in WV. In fact, it was named Coolest Small Town in American by Budget Travel magazine in 2011. It has tons of great shops and restaurants and it’s very walkable which is something I love. Living in WV many of our towns aren’t really even towns. They’re more like residential areas with some houses but nowhere to walk. So I pretty much instantly fall in love with towns that are really walkable.

Pictures From The Chocolate Festival

Here are some pictures from the event.

lewisburg wv chocolate festival

me in a white floppy hat

I wore my big, summer hat so the sun wouldn’t bother me. 🙂

me eating chocolate bread pudding at the lewisburg chocolate festival wv

This was chocolate bread pudding which was delicious.

tiny ice cream cone

I was getting ready to eat this super tiny and adorable ice cream cone.

gold covered chocolate pieces

Gold covered chocolate pieces.

lewisburg chocolate festival wv

I kept trying to get a picture of me AND my boyfriend together but he hates having his picture taken.

lewisburg chocolate festival west virginia

Here’s a really cool piece of chocolate that was given out by Greenbrier Realty.

me and willy wonka from the chocolate factory

Here’s me and the madman himself, Willy Wonka! 🙂

chocolate martini

And last but not least, here’s me trying a chocolate martini. I don’t drink much so I’ve never even had a regular martini. These were delicious though. It was like chocolate milk but for adults. 😉

It was a lot of fun and I’m going to try to go next year too.

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