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The Atlantic Fun Park in Virginia Beach

The Atlantic Fun Park at Virginia Beach

I recently wrote about my trip to Virginia Beach. There are tons of things to do in the area (we also visited the Miyazaki Japanese Garden, The Aquarium, and the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk) and one of the things we did was visit the Atlantic Fun Park. It’s an amusement park right on the boardwalk so it’s pretty convenient to visit after a day of hanging out on the beach. It’s a nice place. My only complaint is that it’s very overpriced for the small selection of rides they have.

List of rides at the Atlantic Fun Park in Virginia Beach

Small Selection Of Rides

We didn’t have any children with us, so we weren’t interested in the kiddie rides. I did enjoy the Crazy Surf quite a bit and the Sky Flyer. My boyfriend doesn’t care much for carnival rides but he liked the bumper cars. I haven’t been on a Gravitron since I was about 12 years old so that was quite an experience. Nothing to remind you of how old you are than the force of a Gravitron ride pulling on old back injuries. Haha. But I was fine once the ride was over. 🙂 But I’m clearly not a kid anymore.

Me in front of a Gravitron ride at Atlantic Fun Park

sky flyer ride at atlantic fun park

Not Overcrowded

As you can see from this picture, it wasn’t crowded at all which seemed unusual to me since it was Memorial Day weekend. But I guess the locals are used to it and you can tell from outside it’s a small park so once people see the prices it’s probably a turn-off.

The Rides We Missed Out On

Unfortunately, the Super Flip and Sea Dragon (one of my favorite rides) were shut down and by the time we got around to the Free Fall, there was no one there. I’m not sure if the employee was on a break or what because there was no sign. About an hour later, the lights on the ride were still on and everything but there was no employee in sight. So that was really disappointing.

The Ferris Wheel Is Really Nice

The Ferris Wheel was nice. It’s not like most Ferris Wheels where you’re just in a seat and strapped in. If you’ve ever been in a tram it’s more like that. My friend is terrified of Ferris Wheels but he rode this one because it was different than the ones he’s used to.

me on the Ferris Wheel at Atlantic Fun Park

Overall it’s a nice amusement park but I wouldn’t go out of my way to visit it. If you aren’t short on cash it might be worth dropping by. But if you’re on a strict budget then I’d skip it. I’m glad we went but if I’m in town again I probably won’t visit a second time. The small selection of rides just isn’t worth the price.

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