Need More Sparkle In Your Life? Try The MISKOS Glitter Eyeshadow Pallet

Most of the time my makeup look is pretty simple, but I do like to have fun with my look every now and then. And anyone that knows me will tell you I’m a huge fan of anything that sparkles. So I was super excited when I came across the MISKOS Glitter Eyeshadow Pallet.

Look how glittery these colors are. I love that even the case sparkles.

These have a lot of pigment in them and the glitter is very soft so it won’t irritate your skin or anything. It stays on really well too.

Here’s a look I did with black eyeshadow and one of the brownish-orange glitters.

You could also easily use these on your body or lips. They’re also pretty easy to remove using your regular cleanser. I wore it all day and didn’t have any issues with glitter falling into my eyes which is something I was worried about. And I’ve also had issues in the past where I thought something had a lot of glitter in it but it was only on the top layer. That isn’t a problem with the MISKOS glitter eyeshadow pallet. All the colors have tons of glitter in them.

I’m really happy with this pallet. There are plenty of summer events coming up in my area so I’m really looking forward to using these glitter eyeshadows and coming up with fun, new looks.

If you’d like to buy this pallet, it’s available on Amazon. Check out the other pictures and reviews while you’re there. People much more talented than I am have created some really beautiful looks. 🙂

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