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Hello Fresh Subscription Meal Box Pros And Cons – Is It Worth It?

hello fresh subscription meal box review

My roommate and I love to eat and try new foods. But cooking, well… I love trying to cook. He’s much better at it than I am. I have mastered a few things like making copycat recipes (like my low carb Little Caesars Zesty Bread) but I have failed miserably at other things (like trying to bake a galaxy cake). But still, trying new recipes is always fun.

The Hello Fresh Subscription Plan

So we jumped at the chance to try the Hello Fresh meal plan. They have different plans to suit your needs and since there are just two of us, we thought their 2 meals for 2 people a week plan was perfect. They have a ton of different types of meals so you should be able to find something you’ll enjoy. In fact, my roommate and I both have pretty different tastes so I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find anything we would both enjoy but it wasn’t an issue. Here’s a screenshot of their site that shows a few examples of some meals they have.

hello fresh meal examples

Choosing Our Two Meals

I knew we would both enjoy honey-glazed pork tenderloin and Greek diner burgers on the grill. So I picked those and waited for them to be delivered.

Hello Fresh Meal Box

My roommate was at work and I was gone with my boyfriend the morning of delivery. We were out picking blueberries at Blueberry Hill, a pick your own blueberry farm in Flat Top, WV. We got back around 11:00 am and the meal box had already arrived. My porch gets a lot of sunshine that early in the day but fortunately Hello Fresh does a great job of keeping the food cold with plenty of ice packs and insulation.

hello fresh meal box

Here are some ingredients…

pork from hello fresh subscription box

ground beef from hello fresh subscription meal box

bag of food ingredients from hello fresh

The box comes with a list of all the meals (and their nutritional value) they had available for the week which I just find strange. I guess they want to remind you of all the other meals you’re missing out on? lol. I mean, I really don’t see the point of that since it’s available on the website. Honestly, it just seems like a waste of paper to me. I do appreciate having the nutritional value available for the meals I got though. It makes it much easier to manage my own diet plan and stay on track since I’m currently losing weight. I’ve lost 27 pounds so far. Yes, I will mention it any chance I get. I’m shameless. 🙂

The Hello Fresh Recipes

For me, this meal box would be kind of useless without the recipes. So I’m glad they come with really nice recipe cards. They break the steps down into easy to follow instructions and the nice pictures are pretty helpful too.

hello fresh recipe card

The Hello Fresh Test – Meal Number One

Time to put Hello Fresh to the test. We decided meal one would be the honey-gladed pork tenderloin with sweet potatoes and green beans.

Hello Fresh says that these meals take about 30 minutes to make but I don’t think that includes prep time. I don’t know exactly how long prep time takes because we didn’t pay too much attention, but cooking AND prep time together is definitely longer than 30 minutes. But that’s okay.

Cutting the sweet potatoes…

cutting sweet potatoes from Hello Fresh

Neither one of us had ever used fresh thyme before. Getting the leaves off the stems is actually harder than you would think. It’s a real pain in the butt. Also, do you like my chicken rug? If you say no we aren’t friends anymore. 🙁 lol.

fresh thyme from hello fresh

fresh thyme and garlic


Final Result – Honey-Glazed Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Green Beans

Hello Fresh meal honey glazed pork tenderloin and roasted sweet potatoes and green beans

It was delicious. The glaze was amazing. The green beans were great and I’m not much of a fan of green beans. I loved it and I’m pretty picky. My roommate loved it and he’ll eat just about anything. My boyfriend loved it (I saved some for him to try) and honestly that’s the real test because he is a picky, picky man. 🙂

The Hello Fresh Test – Meal Number Two

Meal two was Greek diner burgers on the grill with a cucumber and tomato salad. We didn’t feel like grilling so we just made them on the stove.

More prep work…

We had to zest a lemon. Neither of us had ever done that before. Zested lemon smells like heaven apparently. 🙂

lemon zest

Here’s some more stuff from the meal kit.

feta cheese from hello fresh

brioche buns from hello fresh

Final Result – Greek Diner Burgers On Brioche Buns With A Cucumber and Tomato Salad

hello fresh meal greek diner burgers

Well, I have to be honest, I’m not a salad person. Never have been, never will be. So this salad was just meh for me, but that’s because it’s a salad. But my roommate likes salad and he enjoyed it quite a bit. But now, let me tell you…this freakin’ burger. Oh. My. God. This might be the best burger I’ve ever had. I swear I loved it. It was absolutely amazing. I was so sad when it was gone. lol. Overall, I loved this meal and my roommate loved it too. My boyfriend couldn’t come over to try it but I think he would have liked it too. I’m going to keep the recipe card and make it again one day and see if he likes it.

Overall Verdict

Like anything in life, Hello Fresh has its pros and cons.

Hello Fresh Pros

If you’re too busy to shop for food this might be a good idea for you. But on the other hand, if you’re too busy to shop, you might also be too busy to cook. So you’d really have to examine your schedule and see if Hello Fresh is a good idea.

Exposure to new food ideas and ingredients. So far we’ve only tried two meals but both my roommate and I have either seen ingredients we’ve never heard of before (like sumac, no not poison sumac lol) or we’ve seen them used in ways we’ve never thought of. So that’s really cool. Sure you could find that in a cookbook but honestly, a lot of cookbooks I’ve seen are pretty boring. Maybe I’m just looking at the wrong cookbooks?

The fun of anticipation. I think any type of subscription box brings this to your life. So if you like the fun of having something to look forward to every week then Hello Fresh is probably a good option for you. It’s also a lot of fun if you enjoy cooking with someone else. I usually cook with my roommate or my boyfriend.

It’s really easy to skip a week (or several) if you aren’t going to be home. You can also easily deactivate and cancel your account. So if you try it and decide it isn’t for you there is no hassle to get out of it. And personally, I love that. I hate it when you have to call a company and practically beg someone to shut down your account.

Hello Fresh Cons

It can be expensive. But this will depend on a lot of factors like how much you and your family eat and whether or not you use a lot of fresh food in your home. Some people don’t like to buy fresh food because by the time they get around to eating it it’s gone bad. Honestly, this is an issue we run into occasionally so we try not to buy fresh food until a day or two before we are going to eat it. When we got this Hello Fresh box we weren’t able to cook these meals until about a week later.

This is obvious but if you don’t enjoy cooking then Hello Fresh isn’t for you. If the most cooking you do is making Hamburger Helper a few times a week (and hey, ain’t nothing wrong with that), then you’ll be a little overwhelmed by this.

I say give it a try and if it isn’t for you just cancel. Like I mentioned earlier, canceling is really easy.

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