Why You Need A FootRest If You Work From Home


As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a freelance writer. That means I spend a lot of time sitting at a desk. To be honest, it’s one of the worst parts of my job. I love working from home and being my own boss. But I was never the type of person that liked sitting around in one spot for too long. Years ago I worked as an EMT and I was on the move a lot. That was much easier on my body.

Do You Need A FootRest?

Everyone is different but personally, I can’t stand it if my knees aren’t bent and my feet don’t feel supported. I don’t know why but it bugs me to death. My friends have laughed at me for years because I’ll pill up pillows and whatever else I can find and put them under my desk just so I can have a little support.

Great FootRest

Fortunately, I’ve found a really great footrest so now they can’t make fun of me anymore. 🙂 It’s just the right size to support my feet and keep my knees bent at an angle I like. It stays in place really well. I tend to fidget and move around a lot so that’s really important. I was worried that the least little bit of movement would make it slide all over the place but so far that hasn’t been an issue.

Please excuse the mess under there. 🙂

This FootRest Is Easy To Clean

The cover is removable so when it gets dirty you can easily take it off and wash it. That’s a big plus because, obviously, it’s going to get dirty. I mean, you’re putting your feet on it all day.

Other Uses

Obviously, you don’t have to just use it under your desk. Anywhere that you might want to prop up your feet you can use it. You could use it around your house, in your car, even on a plane. It might not be approved for this, but my roommate has some issues with back pain. So when I haven’t been using it at my desk he’s actually been laying down on it for a few minutes at a time to stretch his back out. Sometimes he does that with tennis balls. He decided to try it with this footrest. He said it works. Now I am NOT saying that you should do that lol. When it comes to back pain you should only do what your doctor tells you.

If you’d like to get this footrest it’s on Amazon.

(Disclaimer: I received this item in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are entirely my own.)


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