Managing Customers – Do It Better With UserIQ


managing customers with User IQ

If you run a business you already know how difficult managing everything can be. Dealing with customers can be especially difficult. Customers often have a lot to say and you need to listen to and understand their feedback. You need to communicate with them as well. Sometimes a business can change a lot and customers need to be kept aware of these changes so they understand what’s going on. That’s where UserIQ comes in.

The Many Features Of UserIQ

But UserIQ isn’t just a communication and feedback tool. It can help you do so much more. You can get feedback about a specific feature instead of just general feedback. You can create tours of your software or product to introduce it to new customers that might be on the fence about purchasing it. You can drive product engagement by using UserIQ’s user behavior and analytics tools. These tools will help you understand not only what your customers are doing but when they’re doing it. This lets you know when you should send certain types of messages to them to increase their engagement with your product. You need to communicate with them when you know they’ll be most receptive to what you have to say.

Analyze Different User Groups

UserIQ also allows you to segment your audience and analyze different groups separately. This is especially useful because not all groups of customers act the same. The more you can customize the way your business interacts with your customers, the better. Customers in their early 20s may use your product in a very different way compared to customers in their 30s. It’s important to know your customers so you can meet their needs.

You can also obtain in the moment feedback from your customers by using UserIQ’s micro-feedback tools. This allows you to get feedback from your customers every step of the way if necessary.

Don’t Fall Behind Your Competition

Many businesses already do most (if not all) of these things but unfortunately, they have to use many different programs to do it all. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do it all from one place? That’s what UserIQ has to offer. They have amazing tools to help you manage your customers better AND it’s available all from one company. You can contact them for a price quote (it changes based on monthly user count) or you can sign up for a free trial. Many companies place limits on what features you can use with a free trial but the UserIQ free trial lets you check out all their features and you still get full support from their staff if you need it.

UserIQ Has A Free Trial

Some awesome companies are already using it including ControlScan, Skyward, and TechSmith. The most successful companies out there know how important their customers are. If you don’t rise up to meet their needs you’ll fall behind the competition. Why not do the free trial and see if User IQ’s platform for customer success is right for you?

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