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Review Of Lasten 12 Color Acrylic Paint Set And Painting A Sunflower

I’m a little bit of an artist. I usually draw but I’d like to learn to paint better. Anyway, I can’t decide what type of painting I want to learn though. I like watercolors but I also like acrylics and oil paints. I recently decided to try out a set of acrylic paints by Lasten and I tried painting a simple sunflower just to get a feel for the paints. They’re really nice. The colors are really vibrant and easy to mix. They dry really fast as well, although if you aren’t used to painting with acrylics that can be a pain. But that’s what acrylic paints are meant to do.

Lasten acrylic paint set

Like I said, I’m not that great of a painter…yet. I’m working on it. But I made a video of myself painting a sunflower. Here it is if you’d like to check it out.

I’m pretty happy with this set of paints. I think they’re perfect for a beginner or even just someone that loves acrylics and would like a smaller set to travel with. 🙂

If you’d like to get this set it’s on Amazon.

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