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The Creepy Story Behind Madame Tussauds: Truth Or Fiction?

Most people enjoy the delightful fun of wax museums, but some feel uncomfortable around the uncanny, life-like creations. Wax museums (also known as waxworks) feature collections of wax sculptures that portray famous historical figures and celebrities. Some places even have a “Chamber of Horrors” gallery showing some of the most horrible criminals known to man.… Read More The Creepy Story Behind Madame Tussauds: Truth Or Fiction?

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Happy Halloween – My Skull Makeup

Check out my poorly done skull makeup. Not too bad considering I just used those face crayon things. 🙂 Next year I’m going to get some real face paint. If you liked this post you might also enjoy 5 Free Halloween Photoshop Brushes or The True Story of the Greenbrier Ghost.

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Surreal Lake

No one has ever accused me of being good at naming my art. So I’m just calling this “Surreal Lake”. My friend Adrian and I went to Glenwood Park (in Princeton, WV) a while back. He has a really good eye for photography and noticed the water behind this patch of grass had the reflection… Read More Surreal Lake