About Me

About Me

My name Kristy and I run this blog (obviously). 🙂 It’s a place for me to write about my life as a freelance writer in southern West Virginia. All I’ve ever heard about blogging is “pick a niche, pick a niche.” Well, I did what I typically do and didn’t listen to that advice at all which means you’ll find everything here from crap about my personal life, product reviews, true crime, art, and that struggle we all know too well…making money.

I love blogging and I’ve been at it since I was about 19. I remember how my best friend Ashlee and I signed up for a little blogging site called Tabulas and we were pretty much hooked. Later on, I started blogging on Blogspot about ways to make extra money online. I got away from blogging for a few years but now I’m back.

My Biography

I pretty much hate talking about myself so I have a long-standing joke with my friend Ashlee where she writes ridiculously silly, exaggerated biographies about me whenever I need to write about myself. So here you go.

Kristy LeAnn:  The Girl, The EMT Burn Out, The Trans-Siberian Orchestra Freak…
(Biography by Ashlee Browning)

Humble Beginnings

Our dear Kristy was born on a particular day, in a certain month, in the year of 1984. She was born to a man named Gary and a lady named Daisy who worked in a skateboard shop. Daisy was promptly fired because she naively let one too many people take a skateboard out to test it, only to have them run off and steal it.


Her childhood was eventful and she developed a nasty habit of being a brat. One time she was almost successful at causing her parents to divorce by nearly convincing her mom that her dad had been cheating on her. However, all was forgiven when her mother quickly realized that Kristy was just mad at her father for not buying her a toy.

But of course, not everything in young Kristy’s life was all fun and games. The little girl experienced her share of tragedy as well. There was a long line of pets who killed themselves. Most notably, the parakeet who committed suicide by flying into the ceiling fan.

Having been raised by Christian parents of the Baptist variety, she was able to earn her first detention at a young age. The preschool she attended threw her in the “think” corner as punishment for insisting that “bad little angels go to Hell”.

Growing Up

Like most young women she didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life. So she sent off for information about jobs such as electrician, bridal consultant, floral designing and a few others. But one day while at doctor appointment with her mother she saw an ambulance. And rainbow shined over it as an angelic voice started singing and she knew that was the job for her.  She enrolled in EMT class and graduated.

Unfortunately after 5 years she had to leave EMS due to burn out and some medical issues.

And then 9 years later she decided to go back into EMS. Go figure. She’s currently in an EMT class again studying to get her certification back.

Kristy is a lover of the arts, music, and anything having to do with astronauts or pandas.

Contact me at klm3599 [at] Yahoo.com.

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